Jade Cargill and Kris Statlander's "Glass Woman" storyline created a lot of buzz in the wrestling community, enthralling fans around the world.

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The concept for "Glass Woman" arose from a brainstorming session between Jade Cargill, Kris Statlander and the creative team, aiming for a unique and exciting storyline.

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The intricate glass prop used in the storyline was custom-designed by a renowned Hollywood prop-maker, ensuring its authenticity and visual appeal.

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Both Jade Cargill and Kris Statlander underwent extensive training to execute the physically demanding sequences involved in the "Glass Woman" storyline, demonstrating their dedication and commitment to their craft.

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The "Glass Woman" concept drew inspiration from a variety of sources, including classic horror films and mystical elements often seen in professional wrestling.

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To ensure the utmost safety during performances, the glass prop was specially designed using a breakaway material, which allows for a controlled breakaway without injuring the wrestlers.

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The incredible athleticism of Jade Cargill and Kris Statlander added an extra layer of excitement to the "Glass Woman" narrative, as they seamlessly incorporated their signature moves and high-flying tricks into the story.

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Behind the scenes, a team of skilled choreographers and stunt coordinators worked closely with Jade Cargill and Kris Statlander to perfect the timing and execution of the "Glass Woman" sequence, emphasizing safety and spectacle.

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