Zombivli Movie Review | Zombivli 2022 Marathi Movie Review

Zombivli Movie Review in Marathi: The first Marathi zombie movie has been released on 26th January. In today’s article, we are going to discuss about Zombivali. Zombivali is directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and written by Aditya Iyer. The film stars Amay Wagh, Lalit Prabhakar, Vaidehi Parashurami, Janaki Pathak, and Trupti Khamkar in the lead roles.

Now if you want to talk about what a zombie movie is like, in a nutshell, it is a very well shot movie and if you like to watch zombie movies then zombie movie is definitely for you. The movie Zombivali is very well made and the second half of the feature film is definitely great. The battle with the zombies at the end of the film is really admirable and beautifully directed. Also, the other admirable thing is that two songs from this movie were sung and a zombie bit.

Judging by the way Siddharth Jadhav has performed in these songs, it seems as if Siddharth has lost his temper in the whole movie, and why not for a minute compared to Amay Wagh and Nadeet Prabhag but Siddharth Jadhav looks completely stunned. In fact, watching the movie, it seems that Siddharth Jadhav should have got a cameo, at least for a while.

Zombivli Movie Details: Zombivli Marathi Movie Review

  • Movie Name: Zombivli
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: Aditya Sarpotdar
  • Producer: Ankit Gupta, Sourabh Pramod Kale, Siddharth Anand Kumar, Vikram Mehra, Niraj Sethi, Sahil Sharma, Sumit Sharma, Akshay Valsangkar
  • Production: Saregama India
  • Writers: Sainath Ganuwad, Mahesh Iyer, Yogesh Joshi, Siddhesh Purkar
  • Casting By: Sanjeet Kumar, Sanjeet Kumar, Rohan Mapuskar
  • Sound Department: Vinit Gala, Vinayak Gupta, Prasad Joshi, Lochan Kanvinde, Mohit Kharlwa, Suryakant Magdum, Mohitkharlwa, Gandhar Mokashi,
  • Production Management: Satender Kumar
  • Production Design by : Sidhant Malhotra
  • Music: Rohan Rohan, Maroti Korwa
  • Release Date: 26 January 2022
  • OTT Platform: Yet to be updated
  • Country of origin: India
  • Language: Marathi
  • IMDB Ratings: Yet to be updated

Zombivli Movie Charectors | Zombie movie character

In this film, Ame Wagh plays the role of Sudhir who is a simple Bhola, an engineer who always walks in front of his nose. Sudhir recently got a job with a company called Mineral Water. Sudhir’s wife is played by Vaidehi Parashurami and her character’s name is Seema and she is pregnant. Lalit Prabhakar’s character is really very interesting and this character is really well developed. Prabhakaran has played the role of Vishwas in this film. I am a member of the Janshakti Morcha party. Also, the owner and the trust of the mineral water company in which Sudhir got the job are already in dispute with each other. In this film, we are shown a little later what exactly is this Shatrughan between these two. And the other special thing is that faith is the right hand, it is not in his possession at all. In short, the story of the film is not meant to show something for no reason, but a good effort has been made to do justice to the story of the film and each character. In short, when you watch this movie, you see something new. The audience is definitely satisfied that you got to see something new in this movie more than the story in other movies.

Zombivli Movie Cast

  • Amey Wagh Sudhir Joshi
  • Lalit Prabhakar Vishwas / Jaggu
  • Vaidehi Parshurami Seema Sudhir Deshmukh
  • Trupti Khamkar Malti
  • Janaki Pathak Anjali
  • Siddarth Jadhav Dancer in Aaali Angat song
  • Vignesh Joshi Building Resident
  • Vijay Nikam Appa Musale
  • Janardan Kadam Zombie
  • Rajendra Shisatkar Building Resident
  • Sharat SonuPrakash Dubey

Zombivli Movie Storyline / Plot | Zombie Movie Storyline / Plot

If there is anything that is not convincing in the film, it is the subplot of the film in which the corporate company is held responsible. Because in most horror films or zombie films, the main reason for the creation of zombies everywhere is that it is decided by some corporate company. In short, an evil corporate company is always held accountable when it comes to the subject of the common man. Also, except for the subplot in this short film, the whole film is really well made.

When it comes to the technical aspects of this film, it is a film made with a very good production value and on an excellent budget. Looking at the makeup of some of the zombies that are shown to you in this movie, you will not feel that something is done for no reason, but you really feel that it is all zombies. There are some things that you don’t really like when you watch a movie, because one of the movies doesn’t know how to control these zombies and how you can decide the zombies, but the protagonist doesn’t use that technique till the end of the movie. Even if not in the movie, she would have known how to get control of this force, but she does not call her husband and tell him how we can get control over these zombies and how we can defeat them. Although these are small things if you ignore these things then you will definitely like to watch the whole movie and you will definitely enjoy the whole movie till the end.

Sould you watch Zombivli movie or not | Whether to watch Zombivali movie or not

Zombivli Movie Review: Zombivli is not a horror-comedy film but a well-written film and it does justice to each and every character. Whatever the difference between the rich and the poor of the society, there are tall buildings and small necessities and huts next to it. Friends, if you like to watch zombie movies or horror-comedy movies, then this movie is for you and in fact, Aditya Sarpotdar should be commended for making the first time to make a movie based on zombies in Marathi and his courage has really succeeded and You can see that the movie got a very good response from the audience. After many days, there is a strange movie in front of the audience which has humor that makes you hold your stomach and laugh, and also has zombies in this movie that make you tremble. You will really get a different kind of pleasure while watching this movie and your thrill will also increase. READ MORE YEH KAALI KAALI ANKHEIN REVIEW

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