Akshay was deemed ‘gay’ by his mother-in-law Dimple. This condition was placed to marry Twinkle

Akshay was deemed ‘gay’ by his mother-in-law

Akshay was deemed ‘gay’ by Dimple – Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar considers his birthday on 9 September every year. Now Akshay is 53 years old. Akshay made his Bollywood debut in 1991 with Saugandh, but his film was a super flop.

But, Akshay has now made a name for himself in Bollywood and is one of the most expensive actors in Bollywood. Born in 1967, Akshay’s real name was Rajiv Bhatia.

In 2001, Akshay married Twinkle Khanna, the daughter of Dimple and Rajesh Khanna. Before Twinkle’s marriage, Dimple considered Akshay Kumar to be gay, but when Akshay Kumar came to know about this happening in his mother-in-law’s mind, he was very upset.
It was revealed by Akshay and Twinkle in a show by Karan Johar. In the show, both of them told some stories related to their personal lives which were very fun.

Twinkle said that Mummy Dimple considered Akshay gay because one of his journalist friends told him that Akshay is gay, so when Akshay told him about marrying Twinkle, he inquired if Akshay was capable of becoming a father. Akshay’s genetic test was done for this. Akshay says that he was very furious about this, but also says that it was better to do a genetic test than to combine the horoscope.

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Twinkle said that she made Akshay a boyfriend in just 15 days. Twinkle also said that her film ‘Mela’ was to be released when Akshay proposed to her.


On the marriage proposal, Twinkle said that if the film ‘Mela’ flopped, she would get married and the film ‘Mela’ flopped. Subsequently, when they started talking about Akshay and Twinkle’s marriage, Dimple made it a condition for Akshay to stay in a live-in relationship with Twinkle for a year. Meanwhile, if all goes well, it will be decided to marry.

Akshay agreed to this condition and after living with Twinkle for a year, Akshay-Twinkle got married after a year. After marriage, Twinkle gave birth to son Aarav in 2002 and daughter Nitara in 2012. In the show, Akshay said that if he had not married Twinkle, he would have preferred to go on a date with Dimple Kapadia and then express his feelings about Twinkle with Dimple. .

We want to tell you that Akshay gives great importance to his family and he is the only actor in the film industry who does not work till late night and gets up at four in the morning. His wife Twinkle supports him in this lifestyle.

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