Alia Bhatt Loves Pakistan More than India ?

Alia Bhatt Loves Pakistan – People are Calling Alia Bhatt Pakistani ? Seems like trouble is not ready to leave the upcoming movie of Alia Bhatt, Sadak 2. The trailer of the movie recently got released and angry netizens have hurled their hatred towards the trailer.

The trailer is the most disliked trailer on YouTube and till now it has more than 6.9 million dislikes. Alia Bhatt’s first home production, Sadak 2 is receiving such backlash from people because of the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput.

While the cast and crew members were busy in handling this situation, another bad news has come forward for the movie. When the first poster of the movie got released, a case was filed against Mahesh Bhatt and Alia Bhatt for hurting religious sentiments. The poster showed the image of Kailash mountain and Man Sarovar lake.

This is why a case got filed for hurting the Hindu sentiments. And, now another legal case might get filed against the movie for hurting the religious sentiment of people again. Vishwa Hindu Parishad is now seeking legal action against the maker, Mahesh Bhatt, who is returning after 20 years with this movie.


Alia Bhatt Loves Pakistan – Sadak 2 trailer reaction

VHP leader Vijay Shankar expressed his views on his Twitter account that the trailer has hurt the religious sentiments. He has said that the movie is portraying Hinduism in a bad light and the center needs to take action against the movie.

He wants the Central Govt. to take proper action against the makers and also against the cast of the film. The is about Alia’s character exposing a fake sadhu and his ashram while Sanjay Dutt helps her in this journey.

This movie has portrayed a Hindu Sadhu in bad light which did not go down well with the Hindus, who have demanded a boycott on the movie. They have demanded a full boycott of Sadak 2 for portraying Hindu religion in demeaning nature.

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