Arjun Rampal is Going to Jail for Drug Case ?

Arjun Rampal is Going to Jail in Drug Case ?

The NCB is still looking into the drug cartel that got exposed partially while investigating Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. As of late, a stunning news has approached that Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal’s home got assaulted by the authorities of the NCB.

Let us discover what are the insights concerning this attack and in the event that they have discovered anything in his home or not. As indicated by sources inside NCB, the officials as of late directed an assault at Arjun Rampal’s Bandra house.

The NCB authorities have held onto the electronic contraptions like workstations, cell phones, pen drives and tablets from Arjun’s home. The authorities have additionally held onto a few records from the entertainer’s home and some prohibited pills were likewise seized.

The NCB authorities had gotten the driver of the entertainer, for additional scrutinizing. Notwithstanding, according to the reports, the driver was permitted to leave after some time.


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An official from the NCB group has uncovered that the pills that were recovered from Arjun Rampal’s home are restricted under NDPS act.

The NCB group is presently checking that if those meds were recommended to the entertainer or anybody from his family or not. In mid October, the sibling of Arjun Rampal’s better half, was captured from Lonavala for having association with the medication cartel.

It was Arjun’s better half’s sibling who was providing the medications to the vendor of Rhea Chakraborty. NCB group has additionally come to realize that Arjun’s accomplice’s sibling is connected to a greater posse of medication racket.

Presently the NCB has chosen to address Arjun Rampal and his sweetheart, Gabriella Demetriades. The NCB group has brought entertainer Arjun Rampal and his accomplice at their office during November around 11 am.