Bollywood Stars who are in Problem Now

Bollywood Stars in Problem Now

Bollywood Stars are in Problem Now – Because of the mysterious case of Sushant Singh Rajput, the presence of drugs inside the Bollywood industry has surfaced again. Many big names have again come forward for the consumption of drugs.

Kangana Ranaut has recently opened up on the matter of drugs and she has revealed that 90 percent of the Bollywood celebrities use drugs.

The actress has revealed that she had attended many Bollywood parties before and in those parties, drugs flow like water. She has even mentioned in her interview that Hrithik and his former wife Sussanne are drug addicts.

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This is why a strict rule is going to be applied soon for the Bollywood stars and for the stars of the TV industry too. Just like sports stars, soon the rule of the dope test might get mandatory for all the Bollywood stars and the TV stars.


Recently, Madhya Pradesh minister Vishvas Sarang wrote a letter to Union Minister Prakash Javadekar. In his letter, he has demanded a drug test for stars following the drug dealing and consuming angle that has emerged during Sushant’s case.

He has addressed this drug dealing angle as a shameful act. He has also mentioned that this is not new. Bollywood celebrities are known for their association with drugs and drug mafia.

In his letter, the minister of MP has asked the Union Minister to stop the glorification of drugs in Bollywood as young people look up to them.

He has requested that the same way sports personalities undergo the dope test, it should be mandatory for every Bollywood celebrity now. If someone’s test result comes positive, then he or she should be banned from entering the shooting sets.

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