Did Sara Ali Khan Cheat on Sushant Singh Rajput

Did Sara Ali Khan Cheat on Sushant

Did Sara Ali Khan Cheat on Sushant

Did Sara Ali Khan Cheat on Sushant Singh Rajput? Time and again, near and dear ones of Sushant Singh Rajput, have come out and revealed some shocking details about Sushant.

Recently, something like that happened again and the news has created a massive stir as it includes star kid, Sara Ali Khan. Sara Ali Khan was the co-star of Sushant and they worked together in the movie Kedarnath.

Well, current reports suggest that they were dating each other and the star kid cheated the outsider. Let us find out every detail of their relationship ad what has Samuel Haokip said in this post.

SSR and Sara Ali Khan relationship

Sushant’s close friend Samuel Haokip has recently revealed the details about Sara and Sushant’s relationship. Sushant and Sara Ali khan met on the sets of Kedarnath, which film marked Sara Ali Khan’s debut in Bollywood.

According to Samuel’s statement, Sushant and Sara were romancing on screen in Kedarnath and as well as in real life. Samuel Haokip revealed some of his memories during the promotions of Kedarnath.


He has revealed that Sushant and Sara were inseparable. According to his statement, Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara were totally in love and their love was very innocent. Samuel has raised questions against movie mafia whom he thinks was responsible for Sara and Sushant’s break up.

He said that Sara had immense respect for Sushant, his work, his family, and his friends then why did Sara ended her relationship with him? Well, Samuel thinks that there must be some involvement of Bollywood biggies who might have suggested her not to date Sushant.

We all might have even seen a video where Kareena was spotted advising Sara not to date her debut star, who was Sushant.

This sums up overall everything that why Sara Ali Khan ended her relation with Sushant and moved on in her life.

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