Everyone laughed at the couple. You’ll be amazed to hear who this boy is.

Everyone laughed at the couple

You may have seen this present couple’s photograph ordinarily via online media. You may have seen them kidding on social media and ridiculing their photographs. You also will be stunned to hear who these two are and who this boy is.

The young lady is so fair and beautiful and everybody chuckles at the pair on the grounds that the boy is a shadow. government ‘job benefits’, some say ‘langur ke haath mein angur’. The boy in the photograph is named Atlee Kumar and the young lady is named Krishnapriya.

Everyone laughed at this couple

Atlee Kumar is a popular director from the South who has given numerous hits in Tamil language till date. Atlee began directing in 2013 with the film “Raja Rani”.

His first film was a superhit. The Tamilfilm earned Rs 84 crore. That being said, Atlee directed a few hit films.

Krishnapriya is likewise a mainstream TV entertainer. Indeed, seeing Atlee’s prosperity, Krishnapriya became hopelessly enamored with him. The two were married in 2014 after being in love for almost 8 years. You may have been surprised to read the seemingly simple truth of Atlee. Sadly, this seems to be the case today.

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