Neha Kakkar Expensive Diwali Gifts From Bollywood Stars

Neha Kakkar Expensive Diwali Gifts

Neha Kakkar’s Shocking Diwali Gifts From Other Stars: The recently married singing sensation of Bollywood Neha Kakkar is enjoying her Diwali with her husband Rohan Preet Singh and family.The actress has received a lot of expensive gifts from other stars; let us have look at those gifts –

  1. Rohan Preet Singh :- Neha Kakkar is having a gala time with her husband Rohanpreet. The singer surprised his wifey, Neha with an expensive gift.Rohan Preet Singh bought a new Mercedes Benz CLA class in bright red colour for Neha Kakkar. It is priced around 36 lakhs.
  2. Tony Kakkar :- Tony and the whole Kakkar family celebrated their Diwali together this year along with Rohan Preet Singh.The singer gave an expensive gift to his sister, Neha, on this Diwali. He gave her a pair of diamond earrings from Zale.This pair of earrings from luxury brand Zale, are priced around 4 lakhs rupees.
  3. Kapil Sharma :- Kapil and Neha Kakkar are like brother and sister and he adores this singer too much. Kapil has sent a special gift to Neha Kakkar on Diwali.Kapil has chosen an expensive diamond pendant for the singing sensation as a Diwali gift. This pendant from the brand Blue Nile sells for 2 lakhs approximately.
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  5. Urvashi Dholakia :- Popular TV actress Urvashi Dholakia and Neha Kakkar shares a very good bond with each other and they are like best friends.Urvashi has sent her love along with a special gift for Neha, on this auspicious occasion of Diwali. The actress gifted her a bag from Louis Vuitton.This expensive bag from the luxury brand costed the TV actress a hefty amount of 1 lakh approximately.
  6. Guru Randhawa :- Popular Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa and Neha Kakkar shares a good bond through their profession and he has wished the singer a happy Diwali.The ‘Baby Girl’ singer, Guru Randhawa, gifted Neha Kakkar, a diamond bracelet on this Diwali as a gift.This bracelet from the brand Cartier sells for the hefty price of 1 lakh approximately.
  7. Sonu Kakkar :- Neha Kakkar’s sister, Singer SonuKakkar was also a part of the Diwali celebration of the Kakkar’s. the elder sister surprised the younger one this Diwali.SonuKakkar gifted Neha Kakkar an expensive watch from the brand Chanel. This expensive watch sells for a whopping amount of 2 lakhs.

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