Paro Web Series Review, Cast, Release Date, Actress Names & Wiki

Paro Web Series has been streamed online on this app of popular OTT platform the Ullu. This is a drama and romance web series. The lead heroine is Leena Jumani who is playing the role of Paro in this series. With this, Kundan Kumar as Sanju, Ram Maher Jangra as Pravesh, Gauri Shankar as Munna are going to be seen. This web series has been directed by Sanjay Shastri. This web series has been released on the Ullu website and app on 18 May 2021. A few days ago this web series Charamsukh Aate Ki Chakki was released on this app and this web series has also been well-liked by the audience. If Paro talks about this web series, then you get to see the new story in this web series. The story of this web series is not predictable at all. Surely this web series will entertain you completely. The length of each episode of the Paro web series is around 22 to 25 minutes.

Paro Web Series Details

GenreDrama | Romance
Directed bySanjay Shastri
Release date18 May 2021
Streaming onUllu
Origin CountryIndia

Paro web series (Part 1) Cast

Leena Jumani as Paro


Kundan Kumar as Sanju


Ram Maher Jangra as Pravesh


Gauri Shankar as Munna

Paro Web Series Plot

The story of this web series is about an orphan girl living in a village named Paro. The story of this web Ceres revolves around Paro. It shows that Paro is a very beautiful girl who is now married. One day a marriage proposal comes for Paro. Surprisingly, no dowry demand is made at all for Paro’s wedding, but those who have nurtured Paro are given a good amount for this marriage. The groom wants that he be married to Paro on the same day, for which Paro cannot feel. Paro does not seem to know at all that Paro a spiral of the bride is going to be a victim of trafficking in the guise of this wedding. Will Paro be able to stop it now? Whether you will know about Paro’s stuff or not, to know this, you have to watch the web series from beginning to end.

Paro Web Series Screenplay

If we talk about the screenplay of the web series, then as we have told you that Leena Jumani this beautiful actress has played the role of Paro. That character has been developed very well by the director. Whatever expressions of Paro you get to see in this web series are all amazing. The rest of the artist has also done very good acting. Also, the way twists and turns in its story keep you completely locked in its story and make you think about what is going to happen next. This web series does not disappoint you at all.

Paro web series Release Date

This web series has been streamed online on 18 May 2021 on the popular OTT platform Ullu this website and app. If you want to watch this web series, then you can not watch it online for free. You must have a premium subscription to Ullu this platform. To get a premium subscription, you have to register first by visiting the Ullu app or website. You can sign in with Facebook or Google if you want. After which you will have to select one of the subscription plans provided by the Ullu App. If you take a 1-year subscription plan, then you only have to pay 252 / -. As soon as you become its premium member then you can enjoy watching the show..

If we talk about the rating of the web series, then there is a completely new page in the story of this web series that keeps the audience fully engaged. While watching this web series, you do not fill the Boer at all and its story is not so predictable, only you cannot watch this web series with your family. So overall looking at the entire concept of this web series, EshaSpark gives a rating of 4 out of 5 to this web series.

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