Rhea Earns Huge Money From Her Customers All Over the World

Rhea Earns Huge Money From Her Customers

Rhea Earns Huge Money – Rhea is a Drug Dealer with High Profile customers. Rhea Chakraborty has landed herself into great trouble as her personal chats got leaked where she talked about drugs.

Through her chats, it got revealed that she had expensive banned drugs in her possession and she used to intake that too. Now, The Narcotics department also got involved with the case of Sushant Singh Rajput after the involvement of drugs.

Recently, the narcotics department has filed a case against this Bollywood actress and Rhea might be arrested soon. Through her chats, it got revealed that she not only took drugs herself but even forced Sushant to take drugs too.

Later, many other chats of the actress got viral online where it got revealed that the actress buys drugs in packets and bags. As per reports, Rhea used to buy drugs in bulk which is indicating the theory of drug dealing too.


Sushant Friend and Rhea are Planning to Leave India

The team guessed that Rhea was supplying drugs to other people too, which is why they informed the narcotics department. After analyzing and discussing Rhea’s chats, the narcotics department has understood that Rhea is also a dealer too.

The Narcotics department has filed a case recently against the actress according to the sections of NDPS, under the article numbers 20, 22, 27, 29.

The team of Narcotics department will be headed by IPS officer K P L Malhotra. This team will soon visit Mumbai. The team will be questioning Rhea Chakraborty about this matter and she might land up in jail for dealing drugs.

The team will collect information from Rhea from whom she bought drugs and to whom she supplied those drugs.

Rhea is Using Mumbai Police Officers For Her Protection