Rhea is Badly Insulting Sushant Family in Public

Rhea is Badly Insulting Sushant Family

Rhea is Badly Insulting – Rhea Chakraborty is trying to showcase herself as a damsel in distress through her interviews with the media.

Even before the CBI team could summon her, Rhea appeared on National TV for interviews, to gain sympathy through it. To show herself as innocent, Rhea has turned the blame game completely upside down.

Till date, it was Sushant’s family members who were blaming Rhea on several aspects. But now, Rhea is putting the same charges upon Sushant’s family members, mainly on his sisters, that were against her.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sisters have blamed Rhea for giving Sushant medicines without consulting with his family. No Rhea is putting allegation that Sushant’s sister Priyanka changed Sushant’s medicines that he was taking as prescribed by the doctor.

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As per Rhea’s charges, Priyanka changed each and every medicine of Sushant without consulting the doctor. This is when Rhea said to Sushant that how could she changed medicines, the couple had a major fall out.

After a huge fight, Sushant asked Rhea to leave as his sister was coming. So, Rhea left the apartment that day, which was 8th June. This was all according to Rhea’s statement. But seems like the actress was lying during this very statement too.

Her chats with Mahesh Bhatt clearly revealed that she left Sushant’s house on her own will. But in front of media and national news channels, Rhea is behaving like she had no intention of leaving Sushant.


Rhea’s lawyer has also come forward to blame Sushant Singh Rajput’s family. He is blaming Sushant’s sisters for his deteriorated health. He also added that it was the actor’s sisters who were interested in Sushant’s finances.

Seems like he is unaware of the leaked call recording. In that leaked call recording it can be heard how Rhea used to control Sushant and his decisions.

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