Samantar Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Screenplay, All Details

The release of MX Player’s popular web series Samantar Season 2 is being awaited a lot by the viewers and the reason is also similar. Because Samntar Season 1 was released on the platform of MX Player on 13 March 2020 and it won the hearts of all the viewers. Kumar Mahajan played this role in this series by popular film actor Swapnil Joshi.

In which it was shown that the past tense of a person is his own future, which if seen, looks like a pitcher in a way. Tejaswini Pandit and Nitish Bharadwaj were also seen in this show along with Swapnil Joshi. The story of this web series was very much liked by the audience and it is awaiting the release of Season 2 as soon as possible.

If you also want to get all the information about Samntar Season 2, then definitely read this article of ours till the end. We are going to inform you about the cast, release date, storyline, the plot in Samantar Season 2.

Samantar web series season 2 cast

Like last season, this time too, in the lead role of Samantar Season 2, that is, we are going to see the talented and handsome actor Swapnil Joshi once again in the role of Kumar Mahajan. Not only this, in the star cast of Samantar Season 2, once again, the beautiful actress Tejaswini Pandit and Nitish Bhardwaj are also going to play the lead roles in season 2.

The first part of the Samantar season 1

The story of MX Player’s Samantar season 1 is a mystery that revolves around Kumar Mahajan. Kumar is very frustrated in his life and at the same time, Kumar has faced many dilemmas and troubles in his life. Due to which Kumar has become very frustrated, at the same time, a friend of Kumar, whose name is Sharad Wafgaonkar, tells Kumar that he should meet some good astrologer who can get him out of this dilemma and whatever question he has in mind.

He will also get the answers to all of them through astrology. Then Kumar and Sharad decide to meet astrology together and Sharad takes him to a small house to meet astrology. After meeting that astrology, Kumar is told by that astrology everything as he has been with Kumar in his past. On hearing this astrology, Kumar becomes very surprised. Kumar is also told by that astrology that Kumar had seen palm a few years ago, although Kumar refuses this.

Actually is a man whose name is Sudarshan Chakrapani, he also got this astrology and the shocking thing is that his past was also exactly the same as Kumar’s future. When Kumar comes to know about this, Kumar starts searching for Sudarshan Chakrapani from that person. But whenever Kumar tries to find Sudarshan Chakrapani, every time he has to face some difficulties.

The story of this web series was so powerful that the show was very well-liked by all the people. Everyone is waiting for season 2 of this show and everyone is very excited to know what is going to happen in Samantar Season 2. Because season 1 is ended in such a way that the audience has been thought that what will happen next?


Samantar Season 2 Plot

As you all know that Samantar is a mystery series with the main protagonist Swapnil Joshi and this season has revolved the whole story around Kumar. In season 1, we were shown that a woman suddenly and mysteriously comes into Kumar’s life after which season 1 was ended. The audience was also excited to know what is going to happen next.

In Samantar Season 1, we get to see a total of 9 episodes that engage the viewers completely and can fully narrate the story of this season and the character. Now if we talk about Samantar Season 2, then we are going to get to see some aspects of Kumar’s life that the audience wants to see and want to know Kumar more thoroughly.

Not only this, in this season 2, we are going to find out some truth about Kumar’s gin and there is a lot of prophecy about his life, which is going to be destroyed in this season 2. Why, after finding out all this, will Kumar be able to fully control the situation and difficulties ahead, will he be able to control all the situations on his own. In what way will Kumar get all these challenges. All of this is the main focus of the story of MX Player’s Samantar Season 2.

When is Samantar Season 2 Release date?

MX Player’s Samantar season 1 proved to be such a big hit, tell you that there is no need at all because you know this thing very well. But Samantar Season was to be released on 2 March 2021. But season 2 has not been released yet. No official announcement has been made for the release date of Samantar Season 2.

But the reason behind why Season 2 was not finally released is now revealed. There is going to be some reshooting again in Samantar season 2. But it is learned that the reshooting work of its Season 2 has not been started yet because the lockdown has started in Maharashtra. Because of which all shootings have been stopped.

But now in view of the recovery rate in Maharashtra, the reshooting of its season 2 is going to start by March-end very soon. If seen, then Samantar Season 2 can be seen by all of you on the MX Player platform by the second week of July.

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