Sravani Kondapalli committed suicide because of this reason

Sravani Kondapalli committed suicide

The year 2020 is extremely stunning for Cineworld. Numerous specialists have bid farewell to the world this year. Some left because of ailment while others ended it all. Another entertainer has ended it all while the cast and fans couldn’t process the stun of Sushant’s self destruction.

Telugu TV entertainer Sravani Kondapalli has ended it all at her home in Hyderabad. Police said on Wednesday. Sravani, 26, was discovered hanging at her home in Madhuranagar on Tuesday.

Relatives said she went to her room and she shut the entryway. They thought she was washing up yet when she didn’t come out for quite a while, they separated the entryway and discovered her hanging. They took her to an emergency clinic where specialists articulated her dead.

The family has affirmed that Sravani made the stride in the wake of being bothered by her ex Devraj Reddy. Police said the family had recorded a body of evidence against him a couple of days back and the family had additionally restricted Sravani from going with him.

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S.R. City Circle Inspector Narasimha Reddy said a fundamental request had uncovered that Sravani had a contention with her mom and brother by marriage, Devraj, late on Tuesday night. She later went to her room and ended it all.


Police have sent a crew to Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh to capture Devraj. The Circle Inspector stated, “Sravani’s family is blaming him, so we will capture him and investigate him.”

Devraj had before been captured in June following Sravani’s grumbling, police authorities stated, including that she was being hassled for wedding Sravani.

The relatives have affirmed that the police neglected to make a move in spite of housing an objection against Devraj. Devraj had interacted with the entertainer through tick-talk a couple of months back and after that their companionship transformed into affection.

Sravani’s family has said that Devraj began pestering her for cash. He was taking steps to post her own photographs and recordings via online media. The family had paid Rs 1 lakh to Devraj through Google Pay to clear the case.

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