Sunny Deol Secret Married Life is now at Critical Stage

Sunny Deol’s Secret Married Life

Sunny Deol is a very popular name in the industry of Bollywood with a huge fan following too. The actor started his Bollywood career in the year 1982 with the movie Betab, along with Amrita Singh. The actor gained huge popularity with the debut movie and received praise from the audience.

Just within 2 years of entering Bollywood, Sunny Deol decided to get married. The actor got married in the year 1984, with and NRI girl, Pooja in a lavish yet private ceremony. It is over 35 years that Sunny Deol is married to wife Pooja, but he is rarely seen with her.

Even there are very less number of pictures of Pooja on the internet too. Sunny Deol has always kept his wife, Pooja, away from the glamour world of Bollywood. But why has the actor always kept her wife and the marriage of him hidden?

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Well, we have the details here in this video about the reason behind Sunny Deol, keeping his marriage a secret. Well, recently, in one of his interviews, the actor has himself revealed the reason why did he keep the news of his marriage a secret?

After his marriage with wife Pooja, for many years, he kept his marriage a secret. The actor has revealed that it was his family who suggested him to keep his marriage a secret in B-town.

His family members told the Gadar actor that if he manages to keep his marriage a secret, then he would get good offers. And to get great roles in his career, Sunny Deol kept his marriage secret for many years even after his marriage. Even his wife Pooja is camera shy and prefers to stay out of the limelight as much as possible.

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