Sushant and Sara Went to Private Vacation Secretly

Sushant and Sara Went to Private Vacation Secretly

Sushant and Sara Went to Private Vacation Secretly – Sushant & Sara Went To Secret Private Trip. News has come forward that Sushant and Sara Ali Khan might have gone on a private trip.

As per the reports, in the year 2018, the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and star kid Sara Ali Khan went on a private trip. Where did they go to spend their vacation? Were they in a relationship back then?

Well, as per reports, Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan went to Thailand in 2018 to spend their new year there. Recently, Sushant Singh Rajput’s close friend Samuel revealed on the social media site that how much Sara and Sushant were in love.

He explained that Sushant and Sara were purest souls madly in love with each other and their bond was very innocent, full of love. He also added that these two stars used to respect each other and their families, a lot. They even admired each other’s works.

Sushant and Sara break up


But after Sonchiriya, differences started brewing between them and soon they parted their ways. Reports even suggested that it was movie mafia who advised Sara to end her relationship with Sushant saying that she deserves better.

After this news got viral, some images of Sara Ali Khan started doing rounds on the internet where the actress can be spotted at the airport. What is more shocking that in these images, Sushant’s friend Samuel can also be spotted beside Sara.

As per reports, these pictures were taken in January 2018, when Sara and Sushant were returning from their new year vacation. Samuel was at the airport to receive Sara and Sushant escaped from the airport through another gate.

The couple wanted to keep their relationship a secret which is why they did so and now it has all brought out publicly. As per the reports, Sara was in contact with Sushant until February 2019. After that, there is no sign of contact between them.

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