Sushant Rejected Big Budget Films Only Because of Rhea

Sushant Rejected Big Budget Films

Sushant Rejected Big Budget Films – There were already many reports and proofs doing round that Rhea Chakraborty controlled Sushant’s personal life too much.

Now it has also been proved that Rhea Chakraborty controlled Sushant Singh Rajput’s professional life too. If the recent reports are true, then Sushant Singh Rajput lost two big-budget movies because of Rhea Chakraborty’s decision.

Well, recently in interview Rhea said that she never controlled Sushant’s life but it was proven wrong by Smita Parikh, a common friend of them.

Smita in her recent interview with media revealed some dark secrets about Rhea that were still unknown to everyone. Smita revealed that Sushant got two big movie offers from big production houses but Rhea rejected those two movies on behalf of Sushant.

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She also added that Rhea did not even ask Sushant his decision before saying no to those films on Sushant’s behalf.

Which movies were those and did Sushant really want to do those movies? Well, one of the movies was based on the life and contribution of a retired army man who has a huge contribution to the Kargil War.

Feroz Nadiadwala was roped in for the biopic of the retired Army man and he wanted Sushant in the pivotal role. A team member of popular filmmaker Sooraj Barjatiya also wanted to do a Barjatiya movie with Sushant Singh Rajput.


Smita took the offers of both these films to Sushant and Rhea was present there too. As soon as Rhea heard these movie offers, even Sushant could say anything, Rhea said no to those films.

Smita added that Sushant’s face was pale and felt embarrassed in front of Smita that someone else was taking his decisions. Rhea forced Sushant to say no to those films despite Sushant’s keenness to those movies.

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