Sushant Servant is Giving False Statement to C. B. I

Sushant Servant is Giving False Statement

Sushant Servant is Giving False Statement
Sushant Servant is Giving False Statement

Sushant Servant is Giving False Statement – Sushant’s Friend and Servant are Giving False Statement. Sidharth Pithani, who was the flatmate of Sushant Singh Rajput, might be in great trouble right now.

Sidharth Pithani might land up in jail soon after the CBI investigation because of his false statement. Yes, it is right, Sidharth Pithani might have given a false statement to the CBI and they have caught that recently.

According to the reports, CBI has recently noticed that two persons have given totally two different statements. But shockingly both these persons were present at that moment, then how,their statements can be different?

Well, one of those persons is Sidharth Pithani, friend and flatmate of Sushant Singh Rajput and the other person are, Sushant’s house staff, Neeraj. Both Neeraj and Sidharth Pithani were present with Sushant on 13th and 14th June but both of their statements are different from each other.

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It is quite evident that one of them is lying and that person might face great trouble for lying to the police. Well, after the arrival of the CBI team in Mumbai, they summoned Neeraj first to question.


On the second day, Neeraj and Sidharth Pithani, both were called for questioning regarding the case. They were questioned separately and were asked about 13th and 14th June. CBI even asked them about 8th June, when Rhea left.

Shockingly, their statements contradicted for the 8th of June. One of them said that there was a fall out between Sushant and Rhea. But the other person has said that there was no fall out between these two stars. Well, Neeraj and Sidharth both lived with Sushant and Rhea.

After living under the same roof for months, it can be easily said if there was any trouble between Sushant and Rhea. But as their statements have contradicted, CBI will look into the matter deeply.

Even Neeraj and Sidharth’s statements for 14th June have also not matched however both of them were present there, on that day.

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