Sushant Upcoming Biopics are Cancelled

Sushant Upcoming Biopics are Cancelled

Sushant Upcoming Biopics- Bad news for filmmakers and writers as the recent reports suggest that there will be no films or books based on Sushant’s life. Yes, if the current reports are to be believed then no films will be made, based on the life of the late actor.

Recently, the Bollywood industry was flooded with the appeals of filmmakers for Sushant’s biopic copyright. Few makers have already started making films, based on the life of the late actor, Sushant Singh Rajput.

Filmmakers Vijay Sekhar Gupta had announced a movie based on Sushant’s life. The movie was named ‘Suicide or Murder?’ as the movie would have also shown the investigation of the case. Another movie was being made inspired by the life story of Sushant Singh Rajput.

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This one was named ‘Shashank’ which starred AaryaBabbar in the lead role. Shashank was being co-produced by none other than Surjit Singh, who came in front of media to gain attention.


Surjit Singh falsely spread some news about Rhea and himself to gain spotlight in the Indian media. That was a mere publicity stunt by Surjit Singh to promote the movie Shashank.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s family is not at all happy about the fact that movies are being made on his life. This is why the family of the late actor has decided that no films should be made on his life.

Yes, the family lawyer of Sushant, Vikas Singh, recently came in front of the media and gave an interview. In his interview, he has clearly stated that neither films nor books on Sushant’s life, should be published by anyone. If anyone does so,

Vikas Singh will take legal action against those people. He spoke on behalf of the family that if any film gets released based on Sushant, a legal notice will be sent to the maker.

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