Who Threatened Sushant To Burn His Laptop and Hard Drives

Who Threatened Sushant To Burn His Laptop

Who Threatened Sushant to hand-over His Computer Hard drives?. The team has made a big development in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case.

As per the current reports, the team has come to know that Sushant’s demise was a well-planned homicide. Yes, it is right, is now indicating towards a cold-blooded homicide of the Bollywood stars by a gang of people.

Through the statements of Siddharth Pithani, Deepesh, Neeraj, and Samuel Miranda, the team has guessed some foul play. Sidharth Pithani was handling quite smartly the team. Every time he was changing his statements.

Sidharth Pithani tried to play smart with the team but looks like there is no escape from the team. Well, Sidharth Pithani has always tried to hide the details about what happened on 8th June, the day when Rhea left Sushant.

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Mumbai police were unable to record his statement regarding the 8th but the team has done it. Well, Sidharth Pithani has recently confessed what happened on 8th June, the day when Sushant’s former manager passed away and Rhea left him.

The flatmate confessed that after moving out of the apartment, Rhea sent a few IT professionals at the apartment. She sent those people to the apartment to collect data from Sushant’s laptop. These IT people brought 8 hard disk drives too.


They tried to copy some data from Sushant’s laptop to those hard drives and Sushant protested against that. Sushant was not willing to give those data to those people but he received a call from someone who threatened him.

After which Sushant gave those people the data they wanted and the people sent by Rhea left with those data. According to news, Sidharth Pithani has revealed that Rhea has even destroyed those hard drives too.

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