Why Kareena Kapoor Doesn’t Care About Audience

Why Kareena Kapoor Doesn’t Care About Audience

Why Kareena Kapoor Doesn’t Care About Audience – Is Kareena Kapoor Does not care about People? Is Bollywood’s popular nepotism product, Kareena Kapoor blaming people, for the existence of Nepotism in the industry?

Well, as per the reports, during a recent interview, Kareena has spoken openly about the prevalence of nepotism. Let us find out in this post what she has to say about nepotism and is she blaming people for it or not.

After the demise of Sushant, again the raging topic of nepotism broke out massively and this time it has taken a very ugly turn. Recently, During the interview, Kareena Kapoor seemed too much pissed off with the common people for raising their voices against nepotism.

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She has said that no one needs connections in Bollywood to survive in the industry and outsiders can be famous too. While talking about this topic, Kareena took names of actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ayushmann Khurrana, Rajkummar Rao.


She said that these actors achieved whatever they have now on their own talent, without any connections in Bollywood. Kareena Kapoor has revealed that if anyone needs to be blamed for nepotism then it is none other than the public themselves.

Why is this actress blaming people for nepotism? Well, she revealed that it is people who make the nepotism products by watching their movies.

Kareena said that it is people who go to watch movies of nepotism products on theatres and that is how to make them famous. She has also said that if people want nepotism to go away then people should stop watching the movies of star kids first.

The actress has also added that she is not in the industry only because of nepotism. If she did not have talent, then she would not have survived in Bollywood for such a long time.

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