Why Rhea was Nervous and Crying infront of C. B. I

Why Rhea was Nervous and Crying infront of C. B. I

Why Rhea was Nervous – Rhea Chakraborty has been visiting the DRDO office frequently for quite a few days. She is getting summoned by the team of CBI for the interrogation, every day.

It has already been more than three days that the actress got called at the DRDO office for interrogation. What is extremely shocking is the first question that CBI asked this Bollywood actress regarding Sushant Singh Rajput’s mysterious demise.

Well, the first day Rhea Chakraborty visited the DRDO office, she was asked to sit in a particular room. She was even asked by them for tea and they asked her to make herself comfortable.

Later two of the CBI officers entered the room and immediately they threw their first question at her. This first question was so shocking that it left Rhea Chakraborty baffled.

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According to reports, the actress was not able to answer anything at first as she was in a shock after hearing that. As per sources, she was completely puzzled and could not decide what to answer to that question at first.

Well, what was the first question of the CBI team that left the actress, who is constantly lying on national TV, baffled? Well, as soon as the officers entered the room, they asked Rhea, how did Rhea Chakraborty execute Sushant Singh Rajput.

They also added another question that who was with the actress to execute the plan. These questionsleft Rhea Chakraborty in a perplexing situation and she was not even able to move at that time.

According to sources, CBI often throws such types of questions randomly to see the expression of the people. And, the reports suggest that Rhea’s expression was not good at all. She turned pale after hearing those questions.

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