Why Shahrukh Khan Badly Insults Sushant Singh in Public

Why Shahrukh Khan Badly Insults Sushant Singh in Public

Why Shahrukh Khan Badly Insults – Shahrukh Khan Badly Insulted Sushant in Public and that was not written on script. Sushant Singh Rajput’s case is shocking everyone with each passing day and his angry fans are taking social media by storm.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s angry fans have targeted many Bollywood biggies since day one and recently news comes forward involving SRK. If the current reports are to be believed, then seems like late actor Sushant was very much upset with Shah Rukh Khan’s behaviour.

What did SRK do, to Sushant that he was upset? Let us find put in this post. According to media reports Sushant was in the very much worse state regarding SRK’s behaviour towards the outsider. People related to the late actor recently revealed shocking details involving the King khan.

As per the gym buddy of the late actor, Sushant Singh Rajput was not in a good state, after Shah Rukh Khan behaved rudely with him. But when did SRK behaved badly with the young actor? Well, the incident took place in 2013, IIFA Awards held in Macau.


Sushant singh rajput insult

Sushant’s gym buddy revealed that the actor was a huge fan of Shah Rukh khan. He was very excited after getting an invitation for IIFA. Sushant was very much aware that he would be able to meet his idol SRK and this fact made him super excited.

Shah Rukh Khan said to Sushant that they would talk about Sushant’s movies, struggles on stage. But during the show, SRK asked Sushant to do a significant step and the king of romance ended up insulting Sushant.

This did not go down well with Sushant as he admired SRK too much. He was mocked and laughed and felt upset. Sushant was deeply hurt by this kind of behaviour from his idol Shah Rukh Khan.

This gym buddy of Sushant, Sunil, has filed an intervention application in Supreme Court as he was not called by Bandra police to record a statement.

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