Why Varun Dhawan is Supporting Sushants Now

Why Varun Dhawan is Supporting Sushants Now

Why Varun Dhawan is Supporting Sushants Now- Varun Dhawan Supporting Sushant To Save His Career? Is Varun Dhawan, a hypocrite? Is he now supporting Sushant to save his own career? This star kid has given back to back hits and it is known to all that he is the production of Karan Johar’s production house, Dharma.

Recently, after the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, angry netizens have started blaming the nepotism products. Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt, with whom Varun shares a great bond, were the center of the target and faced the wrath of people.

Alia’s upcoming movie Sadak 2, will be released online on Disney Plus Hotstar on 28th August and Varun promoted it. But looks like, little did Varun know that the situation would take such an ugly turn so soon. Before the trailer got released of Sadak 2, people started posting for a boycott of the movie because of Mahesh Bhatt and Alia.

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As soon as the trailer got released dislikes were hurled on the video and it has now become the most disliked trailer on YouTube. Till now, it has more than 8 million dislikes and looks like this much hatred has scared Varun.


Yes, this star kid might be scared now for his own career and now he might be supporting Sushant for the sake of his own career. Varun might be afraid now that if he promotes or supports Alia or Karan further, he might be boycotted too.

He is scared that supporting Sadak 2 might bring the fall of his own career and he might face the hatred too. This is why, Varun, who has always maintained his silence on Sushant’s case, recently shared a post. In his post, Varun has supported the appeal of CBI enquiry for Sushant’s case.

But the question is why now? Why is this nepotism product raising his voice now, after two months of Sushant’s demise? Is he scared now after seeing people’s hatred towards the Bhatt clan? Is he scared that his upcoming movie Coolie No 1 might get flop?

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